Valheim Glitch Makes Trolls Even More Terrifying

Valheim Glitch Makes Trolls Even More Terrifying

Valheim Glitch Makes Trolls Even More Terrifying

Valheim Glitch Makes Trolls Even More Terrifying

By Stardew Valley into One of Us, indie games have the capability to pop out of nowhere to turn into a smash hit thanks to websites like Twitch. 2021 continues that trend with Valheim, a sandbox survival game that allows players to become Vikings within the afterlife. While the game introduced into Historical accessibility on Steam back in early February, the name has turned into a viral feeling and selling more than 5 million copies in about a month’s period.

For the five-person group of Iron Gate Studio, Valheim’s first success reportedly surprised the staff who currently work not just to continue improving the encounter but fleshing it out with much more information. Part of this includes a roadmap including three articles expansions coming through 2021 in addition to miscellaneous upgrades the group has proposed”if Odin wills it” Along with new content, Iron Gate will continue to offer essential upgrades, smoothing out annoying places.

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Naturally, for this small team keeping a massive world, it is not an ideal experience as players can sometimes encounter bizarre glitches and bugs. On the Valheim subReddit, 1 user called Leathermattress ran into a single glitch which made the game enormous troll monstrosities more frightful. While running through the Black Forest, the troll pursuing the participant apparently runs in the front of the camera, cutting so the camera has been temporarily inside the massive beast.

What occurs is the horrifying image of the inside of the troll face passing by the screen with an expression that makes it look like it’s screaming. With the strange-looking eyes and stretched-out features, it undoubtedly came as a shock to the original poster. Comments echoed a similar sentiment, with many utilizing Valheim themed memes like Discomfort 6 or that they no longer feel rested. Others relayed their own close calls with Trolls like one individual who named one that was seemingly trapped in the water, Bart. As these things go, Bart eventually escaped and surprised the player before launching them through the air.

In addition to strange glitches, players have seemingly discovered a potential Easter egg in-game. A unique event seemingly happens at random during a thunderstorm with lightning following what appears to be a person flying through the skies. Considering Valheim is a game dealing with Norse mythology and Vikings, players have begun to assume this character is none other than Thor, the God of Thunder. Other players have noticed a cloaked individual appearing randomly at night, with most linking this event to the All-Father, Odin.

Valheim Glitch Makes Trolls Even More Terrifying
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