Fortnite: The Story of The Seven Explained

Fortnite: The Story of The Seven Explained

Fortnite: The Story of The Seven Explained

Fortnite: The Story of The Seven Explained

The Seven are still an unidentified organization in Fortnite that initially emerged in Chapter 1, Season 4 of the most favorite Battle poker game. Not much is known about the group, but it seems like they’ll be coming in Chapter two, Season 6, as Jonesy renders the Imagined Order and attempts out The Seven, maybe to help them conserve reality. Epic Games has maintained much about The Seven key, just showing tidbits of advice here and there because of their debut.

The Visitor’s coming at Chapter 1, Season 4, the earliest of The Seven to be released, kicked off among the first significant storylines of all Fortnite. It wasn’t till Season X that lovers heard the identity of two members of The Seven, The Scientist and The Paradigm. The Seven were responsible for ruining Athena Island and bringing Fortnite into Apollo Island throughout The End occasion of Chapter two.

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Who Are Your Seven?

Fortnite fans assume seven members, thus the title, and three company members are known. Rumors are the Seven are the same person but from various measurements. Mentions of those Seven have emerged in Chapter 1, Season 4, Season X, and Chapter 2, Season 5. The most recent chapter apparently will pertain directly to them, as Agent Jonesy tries to rescue reality from the blunders of this Imagined Order, where he was a member. Jonesy now seeks all of the advice on The Seven he could find to take things into his own hands and rescue the Zero Point.

The Visitor – The Visitor was the first member of The Seven to make themselves known to Fortnite players. They arrived on Athena Island in Chapter 1, Season 4, inside a metal canister embedded in the meteor that struck the island. It seems The Visitor is trying to break the Loop and return home to wherever they came from. It was through their efforts that Rifts started opening on the island, changing Fortnite forever.

The Scientist – Arriving in Season X in a meteor that became frozen in the sky, The Scientist was the second member of The Seven to make themselves known. Developing more advanced armor using parts from B.R.U.T.E. mechs, he eventually used those parts to create Rifts to bring the rest of The Seven to Athena Island. The Scientists also created a virus to destroy every B.R.U.T.E. by the end of Season X, removing them from Fortnite.

The Paradigm – Also introduced in Season X, The Paradigm is the only known female member of The Seven and the third member to reveal themselves. The least is known about The Paradigm, though it is rumored she may be Singularity. She seems to want to contain or destroy the Zero Point to stop the loop and save reality.

The Seven’s Story So Far

Presumably the enemy the entire time they have been part of Fortnite, The Seven is where Agent Jones is headed after leaving the Imagined Order.

After initially arriving on Athena island, The Seven have managed to open Rifts to other universes, release the Zero Point from the Vault, place Rift Beacons to draw the entirety of the organization to the island, and draw a meteor into the Zero Point, causing Athena to cease to be, and Apollo Island to be born. They have not been seen since.

At the start of Chapter 2, Season 5, Agent Jones is tasked by the Imagined Order to protect the Zero Point. As he runs off, he misses his boss telling him to “…And do not to draw the attention of The Seven.” As Jonesy warps around the multiverse gathering hunters to help protect the Zero Point, he unintentionally causes more damage, leading to IO losing control. In a series of Season 6 teasers released by Epic Games, it now seems IO failed to inform Jonesy of some form of crucial information leading to reality being in danger. As he tries to find more information on The Seven, his attempts are blocked by his former employer.

Jonesy has gone through a transformation over the course of Chapter 2, Season 5, with his appearance changing from the clean-cut Agent Jones to a visage more familiar to players, the original Jonesy from Fortnite’s release. It is already known that there are hundreds of Jonesy snapshots wandering the island, including the mysterious Bunker Jonesy. How does this tie into The Seven, and will Jonesy actually be joining them to save reality?

It looks like Fortnite fans will finally be getting some answers between the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, and the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point crossover comics. Whether or not players will actually find out who the rest of The Seven is up in the air, but it seems the mysterious group of individuals will play a major role in Chapter 2, Season 6, when it launches on March 16th, 2021.

Fortnite: The Story of The Seven Explained
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